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Disney Pets

Each Disney Pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow, and a comfy blanket all in one - eliminating the need for extra clutter! The ultra soft fur and super plush blanket of each Disney Pet has made them the most lovable, plush animals in the animal kingdom. Parents aren't the only ones noticing how great Disney Pets are, they have garnered consistent media recognition for their immense popularity and award-winning design. Adored by kids and parents everywhere, everyone is raving about Disney Pets!

Disney Pets

Unique Disney Pets Design

The patented 3-in-1 design of Disney Pets allows these lovable, plush animals to transform into a soft pillow and comfy blanket. This versatility and clutter-eliminating convenience have been praised by parents and Disney Pets are a perfect travel companion for any child. It's no surprise, since Disney Pets keep kids entertained when awake and comfortable when asleep.

While the design and functionality of Disney Pets is parent friendly, the priority has always been on creating the cutest, softest toys that kids would love. Each Disney Pet has an adorable signature face. The extra soft body texture of each pet comes in bright colors to appeal to children and the cozy, warm fleece blanket is perfect for cuddling.

How Do Disney Pets Work?

Disney Pets are incredibly easy to use. Under each pet's belly are durable, child-friendly velcro latches that easily open and close to transform the animals into soft pillows. The zippers located on the bottom of the Disney Pets easily unzip to reveal the blanket inside. And each blanket can be detached from the animal for easy washing!
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