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How Keekaroo Was Formed

In 1967, Tim Bergeron was a student researching and developing a new type of therapeutic equipment for children. This research was both exciting and close to home. His daughter was born with Down syndrome and he wanted more than anything to help her live a comfortable life. From this research, a company called Tumble Forms was developed, making large colorful, playful, and soft to touch rolls, wedges and balls.

In 1988, Tim stepped away from Tumble Forms and started experimenting with different techniques to create these soft to touch products. In the midst of research, he discovered many children in the juvenile market could benefit from these products as well. So, he began looking at the high chairs available and noticed that the seat cushions were not offering enough support. Then he began to look at the high chairs themselves. They did not provide enough growth to let the family use the chair for an extended time period.

Tim quickly enlisted the help of his son Jamie, daughter Katie and innovative designer Ross Nadeau, and soon the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair was born. After getting the Height Right High Chair to its peak performance, I switched gears back to finding the perfect seat cushions. With the help of our new designer Ross, the Keekaroo Comfort Cushions, Infant Insert and Cafe Booster Seat were created. Each seating solution offers a more comfortable seating experience, more support and a soft, easy to clean surface for mom and dad.

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